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    Welcome to the Just Genetics Affiliate Program

    Welcome to the Just Genetics Affiliate Program. Please find all information regarding this program here. If you have any further enquiries please visit our Contact page.


    Affiliate programs are a form of partnership between an online merchant and an advertiser’s website.

    The advertiser directs visitors to an online store and for this, they receive a percentage of the revenue generated from the visitors coming from their site. The advertiser is considered to be an affiliate of the online store.


    You will receive a commission based on all sales directed through our banner placed on your
    website. It really is that simple.


    Affiliate marketing is a tried and proven way to develop an income with minimal work. By simply linking your website to ours and for each sale you generate, you will be rewarded. There is zero risk as the affiliate program is managed by a third party entity that encrypts and backs up all data. We currently have many affiliate members that are successfully earning their commission with us.


    You are required to be the owner of your website and have the ability to display banners on your site. You will also be required to sign up to our program which allows us to track sales generated by your website and reward you with your commission!

    If you are interested in joining our affiliate program, please follow this link and you will be directed to our 3rd party for registration. Once you have registered and set up the appropriate banners, you will be on your way.


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